Biosfera is Going BIG

As TUPIX 1.0 will is attaining POC across use-cases in India and will be upscaled iteratively throughout 2019 and beyond, Biosfera has initiated a campaign for a Biosphere Impact Generator (BIG).

The objective of BIG would be a high degree of unified output of standards and protocols.

Biosferas’ and its technology-development partners’ this is best attained to differentiate between vertical monitoring and management platforms, linked to the indices for the tracking, ranking, exchange, aggregation of validated certificates etc. of those aspects that require top-down oversight and certification, on the one hand, and the cyberphysical aspects of smart (republic, region, city, village and ecosystem) development, running on multiple platforms, on the other hand. In both cases, success is best attained through downstream standardization, quantification and accreditation into one, unified output and one OS.

These cyberphysical aspects of the digital track aim to pivot downstream standardized protocols for the interoperability of multiple IoT platforms into one OS, that in turn, can be made to interface with the vertical monitoring and management platforms, with one, standardized ‘impact-currency’ as its unified output.


This is BIG!


This scheme is based on a system-architecture, for downstream standardization, overcoming barriers typically associated with indices and IoT platforms not becoming interoperable. This has been drawn from work on integrating underlying multiple indices for Monitoring & Management architectures and multiple IoT platforms into a one-output-one-OS architecture developed by Biosfera and technology development partners.

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