Forum on Hydrological Sustainability

The water crisis that has affected much of the Southeast region requires immediate action to prevent more serious consequences for society, the economy and the environment. The solutions must come from the dialogue between engineers, academics and the government,

but the necessary balance between the various interests involved in the implementation of practical actions is not yet a reality. To encourage this interdisciplinary debate, enriched with the experiences of other countries, Unicamp will organise on March17th and 18th at the Unicamp Convention Center, the Forum on Hydrological Sustainability: Questions, Challenges and Governance.

One of the guests is the American professor Richard Palmer of the University of Massachusetts Amherst, who will perform a simulation exercise with computer models for the Cantareira System. The goal is to generate possible scenarios of supply and demand of water resources, providing important bases to establish a short and medium-term planning aimed at minimizing the impacts of the drought. The event will also cater for an in-depth discussion on a national hydrometeorological database.

The event is organized by the Strategic Think-Tank (Penses), General Coordinator of the University (CGU), the Faculty of Applied Sciences (FCA), the Institute of Economics (IE) and the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Urbanism (FEC) Unicamp. In an interview with Unicamp Portal, professors Orlando Fontes Lima Junior and Antonio Carlos Zuffo, the FEC, members of the organizing committee, spoke about the role of the university in this current scenario of scarcity and what the event aims to provide and contribute to the debate.

Source: http://www.unicamp.br/unicamp/eventos/2015/03/10/especialistas-discutem-crise-hidrica-em-forum-na-unicamp

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