In Brazil, the regulations and legislation pertaining to Payments of Ecosystem Services (PES) are not unified, leading to different directives per state with regard to the development and financing of PES projects.

The state of Santa Catarina recently revised its PES legislation towards more flexibility in the way PES can be conceived and maintained. Because of this, and the importance of PES initiatives for the regeneration and conservation of the natural environment in Brazil, the Biosfera Foundation conceived TUPIX, a webbased platform facilitating the commercialization of PES through direct trade, allowing industry and commerce to compensate their environmental impacts in a efficient and straight-forward manner.

TUPIX eliminates the many intermediate, bureaucratic steps, and their disproportional costs, currently required to monetize PES in Brazil, through automating the PES metrics and algorithms. This will allow for the direct trade in PES certificates and credits without the involvement of 3rd. parties and middleman, freeing up the financial volume that normally is lost on these intermediate steps, (sometimes up to 65% of the PES budget) in the current mechanisms used by the public sector to finance PES.

Another premise of TUPIX is to incentivize local compensation, there where the actual degradation occurs, in order to diminish environmental degradation in a more rational way, rather than allowing compensation in a geographically haphazard way. This way, TUPIX increases the positive impact of environmental compensation and distributes PES more equally within predefined, delineated ecosystemic areas.

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