Biosfera is Going BIG

As TUPIX 1.0 will is attaining POC across use-cases in India and will be upscaled iteratively throughout 2019 and beyond, Biosfera has initiated a campaign for a Biosphere Impact Generator (BIG).

The objective of BIG would be a high degree of unified output of standards and protocols.


Getting ahead with Smart Ecosystem Engineering in India: Biosfera joins the Smart City Delegation of the Dutch Trade Mission

We're getting ahead with Smart Ecosystem Engineering in India​!​
Between the 22nd and 25th of May, a trade mission to India takes place under the name of ‘Smart Cities’, lead by Prime Minister Mark Rutte. The key focus of this mission will be reinforcing political and economic cooperation between both countries on urban development in Indian cities.

Biomass in Brazil

Together with Ecofys and by order of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs, a market survey,including a comprehensive mapping of Brazil’s biobased economy was performed.

Arquitetura Viva

Biosfera Workshop at the Federal Institute of Sao Paulo

The workshop for architecture and urban design students focuses on Arquitetura Viva – AV - a system developed by Biosfera on both the theoretical and technological realms pertaining to innovations in design, theory, practice and technology for architects and urbanists alike.

The new ecological biotechnology

The new ecological biotechnology: closing the metabolic loops with productive green areas - Lecture by Daniel Lipschits at the Bioforum of the Institute of Biology, University of Campinas - São Paulo, Brazil

Lecture by Daniel Lipschits – Forum on Hydrological Sustainability

Lecture by Daniel Lipschits, president of the Biosfera Foundation, entitled “Micromesh & Microorganisms for Decentralised Water Collection and Waste-Water Treatment”

Forum on Hydrological Sustainability

The water crisis that has affected much of the Southeast region requires immediate action to prevent more serious consequences for society, the economy and the environment. The solutions must come from the dialogue between engineers, academics and the government,

Bamboo Bio Based

Brazil is well positioned to attain a leading role worldwide in industrial bamboo. Within the context of a bio-based economy, the industrialization of bamboo in Brazil can establish a truly unique system, with important implications for innovations in bio-based, industrial infrastructure, breakthrough technologies in the applications of bamboo and for bamboo as a global source of a renewable industrial raw material.

EcoPlanet Bamboo Chosen as Exclusive Plantation Partner, Solidifying Brazil’s Commitment to a BioBased Economy

Programa Biosfera represents a bilateral collaboration between Brazil and the Netherlands, and focuses on the industrialization of bamboo as a material that can assist Brazil in the shift towards such a biobased economy. The transition towards a sustainable biobased economy requires the utilization of renewable resources, maintaining a balance between extraction and replacement. It requires a systematic approach to ensure that social and environmental impacts are enhanced rather than compromised for economic growth.

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